Friday, March 3, 2017

3/3 #SOL17 5 B's and a Band-aid

There's something about conversing with a child..

A first grade student popped into my office today. He had a band-aid on behind his ear so I asked, "What happened to your ear?"
 He sighed and said, 
"One of the 5 B's. Either you're barfing, got a bee sting, bloody, I can't remember or bullied." 
I'm still not sure what happened to his ear. 


  1. Crying. Laughing. This is hilarious. I also am sensing a theme with how you're starting the slices. "There's something about..." Well, there's something (so many things) about Meg that I love.

  2. I don't think barking needs a band-aid, but I'm not a doctor.