Thursday, March 2, 2017

3/2 DAY 2 #SOL17 The Day I Lost My Cool at Recess

There's something about recess duty
 That brings out my worst teacher self 

Today was just like any other day. The 2nd graders left the lunchroom and we proceeded out the front door of the school just as we had done many times before. Today was not like any other day when one child (followed by three then five then ten) decided to scream, yell and sprint out of the building, as if they were running into an amusement park. What is going on? I screamed (I don't scream). And when you're screaming at children, you've already lost. 

I gave up the rights to my own classroom when I decided to take the role of the Literacy Coach three years ago. Classroom management was my specialty. I became an expert on management during my second year of teaching when my weakness in that area came to light my first year. Today, after screaming at eighty 7/8 year olds, I couldn't help but wonder, am I losing my touch? My 2nd grade is special to me. It offers me the opportunity to observe the inner-workings of the social life of children. I cherish the conversations I have with them and the opportunity to build relationships. It fulfills a part of me that I long for after not having a class to call my own. I will bring my best teacher self back to recess tomorrow. As I tell my 2nd grade recess students, tomorrow we can try again. 


  1. There must be something about this time of year that makes students think they are at an amusement park! This slice had me hooked from the beginning. I was playing all sorts of scenarios in my head until you revealed the reason. Great Slice!

  2. Yes! Trying again is so important!

  3. I love the ending of this one, Meg. Yep, we can try again tomorrow. so perfect.

  4. "And when you're screaming at children, you've already lost."

    I thought that about my own kids, just two nights ago. Those words are so true.

    I am so glad that you are blogging!!!

  5. "And when you're screaming at children, you've already lost." That one needs to be made into a t-shirt