Wednesday, March 1, 2017

3/1 Day 1 #SOL17

There's something so American
About teaching kids to question all
A lesson in discretion 
To remind us 
We won't let freedom fall

In front of me sits a group of six 5th grade students, all first generation Mexican Americans. We are reading an article about the threat of The Wall. My eyes well up as I watch them search for main ideas throughout the text because today might reach a more personal level for some of them. 
Questions are asked. Opinions are shared. More questions are asked. More opinions shared.
And I think to myself, well isn't this what public school in America is all about? 


  1. This slice left me wanting to read more from you! Thank you for the poem to catch me right away and for sharing this piece of your classroom's day. I can't wait to read more these next 30 days!

  2. I prepared a welcome to slicing message for you. It can wait. This blows me away. I sent it to my friend Ana in Texas who volunteers with an immigration lawyer helping keep refugees -- mothers and children -- out of family detention.

  3. Tears of so many emotions. Grateful for you.